General Anesthesia for Pediatric Dental Patients (Out-Patient)

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General Anesthesia for Pediatric Dental Patients (Out-Patient)

Our practice works in partnership with Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY to provide outpatient surgery for specific cases. A dentist from Winning Smilesnot a hospital dentistwill perform the surgery in the hospital, using general anesthesia, but still offering the same level of gentle care as in our office. Hospital dentistry may be recommended if a patient requires a large amount of treatment to be completed at once, if anxiety or behavioral concerns put the child at risk of harm in the office, or if a patient has special needs that make the hospital setting a more safe and comfortable option for treatment.

If a doctor at Winning Smiles recommends that your child's treatment be completed at Children's Hospital, our hospital dentistry coordinator will work closely with you to schedule the treatment, utilize medical and dental insurance, organize financials, and prepare you and your child for the appointment.

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