Special Needs Care

Caring and Gentle Pediatric Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs

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Why choose Winning Smiles?

Individuals with special needs may have advanced dental care needs, and we are prepared to provide the best quality of care. Our patient and experienced staff can provide a bright and caring atmosphere and will accommodate extra privacy needs to protect your loved one’s oral health. By creating a nonthreatening and friendly atmosphere, we hope to gain the confidence of even the most anxious child and take care of their dental needs in the most delicate and conscientious way.

The Benefits of Choosing a Qualified Special Needs Dentist

Pediatric dentists have two or more years of advanced training beyond dental school. A large portion of their education as specialists focuses on care for children with special needs. In addition, pediatric dental offices are designed to be physically accessible for special patients. Pediatric dentists, because of their expertise, are often the clinicians of choice for the dental care of adults with special needs as well.

Some children need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable during dental treatment. Mild sedation may benefit your special child. If a child needs extensive treatment, the pediatric dentist may provide care at a local hospital, or in office under general anesthesia. Your pediatric dentist has a comprehensive education in behavior management, and relaxation and sedation techniques. He or she will select a technique based on the specific health needs of your child, then discuss the benefits, limits, and risks of that technique with you.

Often, special children have special dental needs. Children with special needs may be susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, or oral trauma. Others require medications or diets detrimental to dental health. Still other children have physical difficulty with effective dental habits at home. The good news is that dental disease is preventable. If dental care is started early and followed conscientiously, every child can enjoy a healthy smile!

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