5:30 AM – Alarm goes off. Wake up, shower, do make-up, all with Invisalign still in from bedtime the night before (so about 9 hours of continuous wear). I usually rinse my mouth out with water in the shower. You needed that detail, huh? 🙂

6:15 AM – Wet hair, make-up done, time for some coffee and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Invisalign out and into a glass of Retainer Brite for soaking/cleaning.
6:35 AM – Time to blow dry hair, remove Invisalign from Retainer Brite, rinse well, and brush with extra soft toothbrush and mild dish soap to clean. They’re sparkling clean and completely fresh.
7:00 AM – Finish any breakfast snacking, coffee, food, etc. Brush teeth, floss, and Invisalign back in. 45 minutes out of mouth so far. This will be the biggest stretch of time they’re out of my mouth all day.
7:30 AM – Go to work.
10:00 AM – 15 minute break. Remove Invisalign and place in case in purse. I’ve been drinking water all morning, but I must admit to a terrible Diet Coke addiction. I get a small soda with straw and suck it down before next class. I brush quickly in break room, rinse Invisalign off, and back in it goes. 1 hour out of mouth so far.
12:30 PM – Lunch for 30 minutes. Remove Invisalign after kids have left classroom and place in case in purse. Lunch time…when finished eating, quick brush of teeth and spray of cleaner on Invisalign before popping them back in. 1 hour and 30 minutes out of mouth so far.
4:00 PM – Home from work. Take Invisalign out and soak in plain water. I have a cup of coffee and a snack. I brush teeth very thoroughly, floss, clean aligners with toothbrush and put back in after 20 minutes. 1 hour and 50 minutes out of my mouth so far.
6:30 PM – Dinner. Invisalign out and into glass of plain water.
7:00 PM – After dinner, quick brush and back in. 2 hours and 20 minutes out of mouth.