Last year, for our Halloween Candy Buy-Back, we collected over 5,000 pounds of candy, which we donated to North Carolina Packs4Patriots. We hope to beat that goal this year – click here to be a part of it.

But just how much candy is 5,000 pounds? Let’s take a look.

For a basic unit of measurement, we’ll use a Fun Size Twix Bar. They weigh about one ounce apiece.

For comparison, the average American male weighs about 190 pounds, or about 3,040 ounces.

Man and Twix Bars

That means it would take about 26 grown men to match the 5,000 pounds (79,040 ounces) of candy we collected last year.

Many Men and Bars

What else weighs about 5,000 pounds? A full grown adult giraffe:

Giraffe and Bars

About 1 and 1/3 of your average car:

Car to Bars

We’re still catching up with the king of the dinosaurs, Mr. Tyrannousaurus Rex, though. He’s estimated to about 14,000 pounds – about three times what we collected.

Trex and Bars

We’ll get there one day. And you can help: come to our Halloween Candy Buy-Back! Click here for more info.