Dental Implants

Implants are an integral part of modern dentistry and may be the best option when you are missing a single tooth or many teeth.

A dental implant mimics nature: like a natural root, it is firmly anchored in the jaw and holds the tooth in place. The implant is a small part made of titanium or titanium zirconium alloy-materials generally well-tolerated by the human body. Also, titanium has been shown to bond well with the human bone

Why Choose Dental Implants?
  • Dental implants are designed to be a reliable, stable, and natural-looking restorative solution
  • Implants transmit chewing forces to the jaw bones, helping to maintain the bone. Dental implant treatment may help prevent gradual bone loss by replacing the natural tooth root.
  • With dental implants, palatal plates required with conventional dentures are not necessary. Patients can feel more comfortable talking, smiling and eating.
  • Winning Smiles uses only the highest quality implant system. The BioHorizons® Dental Implant System is scientifically based and one of the most commonly used systems. All dental implants available on the market are not created equal. Additionally, BioHorizons® implants come with a lifetime guarantee.

The initial costs of implant treatment vary depending on several factors:

  • How many implants are needed
  • If additional surgical procedures are required
  • The costs of the surgery, lab work, and the prosthesis
  • The dentist’s and dental technician’s fees

Dental implants are often associated with a greater initial investment, but they may offer a more economical solution in the long term. To learn more about how dental implants could help improve your quality-of-life and to devise a plan that works within your budget, please call 716-332-2444 to set up a consultation with a doctor from our adult dentistry team.

Healing Time

After approximately one week, the stitches are removed. The healing phase will last between six weeks and a few months, depending on many health factors. During this time, diligent oral hygiene is vital to the healing stage of the treatment. Once integrated, the implant can accept a tooth replacement restoration.

A Strong and Natural Final Restoration

A Beautiful Smile with Modern Dental Restorations

  • To feel confident with tooth replacement, it is important to obtain natural-looking and customized dental prosthetics. Thanks to computer-aided, high-techprocesses, it is possible to use innovative materials to create modern, esthetic dental restorations (for example, crowns and bridges).

Restorative Treatment

  • The dental restoration is designed on the computer.
  • The data is transferred to the milling center.
  • The dental restoration is manufactured using CADCAM technology