Dr. Jauch (also known as “Dr. J” ) is an orthodontic specialist with over 20 years experience and past president of the Eighth District Orthodontic Academy and Greater Buffalo Association of Orthodontists. He has 3 kids of his own and lives in Orchard Park with his family. Dr. J enjoys fishing, camping, skiing and hiking with his family. A big believer in giving back to his community, he’s active in many community organizations. We can’t wait for you to meet him!


Dr. Andy and Dr. J are working together, reviewing cases and will be familiar with each and every one of you when you meet with them.

What made you want to be an orthodontist?
I come from a long line of dentists starting with my grandfather who graduated from UB in 1928. I always had a great respect for how dentists helped their patients on such a personal level and formed bonds with families that last a lifetime. I still have people who recognize my last name tell me great stories about my grandfather.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend or Sunday afternoon?
As like most families, I spend most weekends watching my kids sporting events. It’s usually a mixture of basketball, soccer, volleyball or crew depending on the time of year. Despite all the running around, we still try to get as many of our family members together for Sunday dinner.
When the first Saturday in May comes around, you will likely find me walleye fishing on Oneida Lake.
Favorite breakfast?  dessert?
My favorite breakfast is crepes with whip cream and strawberries.
There aren’t many desserts I don’t like but I am partial to chocolate ice cream.
Favorite sport team?  will the  Sabres ever win the Stanley cup?
Being born and raised in Buffalo means the Bills and Sabres are always on top my list but now that my daughter will be rowing at Marist College in the fall, I will include the Red Foxes on my list of favorite teams.
As far as the Stanley Cup goes, If the St. Louis Blues can do it then why not our Sabres.
What’s your favorite all time movie and why?
There are too many, but it’s especially hard to pull away from a good Clint Eastwood flick.
Favorite color?
I consider red, white and blue my favorite color(s).
Best childhood memory?
My aunt and uncle’s farm in Darien. Riding horses, playing in the barns and sleeping out under the stars.
Did you wear braces as a kid?
What was that like?

I certainly did and although I didn’t like it at the time I will always be grateful for doing it.

And by the way, I still wear my retainers
What’s 1 thing you’d take with you on a deserted island?
My Boy Scouts pocket knife
Anything else you’d like your patients to know  about you? pets? hobbies?
Married- wife: Heide, 3 children (Emma, Mae, & Nicholas) and Samoyed dog named Blue.  I enjoy fishing, camping and vacationing in Siesta Key with my family.  I also enjoy trying to teach my son the game of golf.